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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Where to play darts in Keningau?Any places for training, competitions?

I often get asked where I think the best place to play darts is..Or why do I like the places I play versus the places I don’t..yg sebenarnya,susah bah mau jawab ni tua2 ckp,tepuk dada tanya selera,throw2 a dart baru tau ok ka nda.hehe

So klu kamu d keningau n you want to throw a few darts, down a couple cool refreshing beer (hehe) with friends and strangers?datang la tempat2 ni..(di Keningau)

Shoot well.

1. Millennium Beer/Dart House (formerly known as Millenium Cafe'-MC)
-Uncle Vincent,Gerald & Co.
-Lokasi:Ground Floor,Lot 4,Padasa Commercial Complex, Keningau.
-berhadapan dengan kedai hardware Borneo Jasa Sdn.
Bhd.,di belakang Shell.

2. RedBull Cafe'

-Sifu,Ah Chung & Co.
-Lokasi:Ground Floor.Berhadapan dgn Royal Hotel, Keningau & pejabat
LHDN, Keningau.

3. Stella Grill Island (SGI)

-Stella,Ely & Co.
-Lokasi:Jalan Kg.Keningau.Alinjiran's Fishing Park, Kg.Linsosod.

4. RR Cafe' (formerly known as RedRooster,Kgau)
-Max,Jessie & Co.
-Lokasi:Lot 32, 1st Floor, Block F, Adika Commercial Complex, Keningau
(Berdekatan dgn bangunan Royal Hotel, Keningau-1st Floor.

5. KD Damai
(now Redbulls cafe 3)
-Dillon & Co. /Sifu & Co.
-Lokasi: Jalan Damai, Keningau.Jalan ke pejabat JPJ, Keningau.

6. Airport (Karaoke & Lounge)

-Lokasi: Airport lama Keningau.Selepas Keningau Futsal Arena.

7. Liawan DC

-Lokasi:Jalan Airport by Pass.

8.R&B Karaoke & Pub

-Lokasi : 1st Floor.Zrynna Restoran di tingkat bawah

9.Night Garden
-Lokasi: Bersebelahan dengan bangunan 7-eleven Keningau.

10. Keningau Dart Centre
-Lokasi: Jalan ke CIMB.

11.Hitz Borneo (Live Band)
-Bangunan Public Bank lama keningau.Berhampiran dengan Restoran Rahmat.

dan ada 2-3 tempat lagi..darters Keningau yg tau where a good dart game can be found, let me know and I'll post it here.TQ


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