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Thursday, 30 April 2009

FUTSAL:Keningau Darters vs KPD

Keningau Futsal Arena.

"Kehadiran" (Keningau Darters):
1.Mas (S) (Team Capt.)-Tankur Darters
2.Lai (GK)-Lia1 Darters
3.Alan (DF/MD)-Millenium Darters
4.Lela (S)-Cinnamon BLL
5.Uuh Herman (x position sbb x main..hehe)-Cinnamon BLL
6.Ely Saffry (DF/MD)-Cinnamon EJ/SGI Darters
7.Hafiz (DF/MD)

1st Half- Keningau Darters 9- KPD 9
2nd Half-Keningau Darters 8- KPD 4

= Keningau Darters 17 KPD 13

Thanks utk suma yg hadir..jumpa lagi di next match.

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  1. uuh teda main cz masi GDL masa tu...hahaha... next game la geng...



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