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DART-A game that begins and ends.. with a handshake.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Millennium BH Single Dart Open (May 09)

Date: (8-9 May 2009)
Ent. Fee : RM30
Prize : 1st-4th place:Trophy + Cash, 5th-8th place:Trophy
round-robin & elimination format
Monthly Tournament.

1st day
-Registration closed tepat jam 7.45pm
-Seramai 32 org darters mendaftar utk pertandingan.
-8pm,tournament bermula (Round Robin)
-1.35am,game terakhir utk 1st day selesai.

2nd day
-4.20pm,game pertama utk 2nd day bermula (masih diperingkat round robin)
-8pm,game utk format knock out bermula.
-11.45pm,semi-final,3rd/4th & final.
-1.30am,penyampaian hadiah & tournament selesai.

Final Result
1st place: Ernest (Trophy + Cash)
2nd place: Moulvin (Trophy + Cash)
3rd place: Pius G (julietpapagolf) (Trophy + Cash)
4th place: Shawn Vitalis (Trophy + Cash)
Joint 5th to 8th place: Mc Efy,Ming,Agus,Ah Chung.

The biggest upset of the year?
-Shawn Vitalis (12 yrs old),baru darjah enam ni..semua darters yg lebih dewasa/senior kalah satu persatu dgn si Shawn ni.Masuk semi-final dan hampir2 masuk ke final tapi kalah 2-3 dgn Ernest.Tahniah Shawn!

Special Thanks
Special thanks to:
1.Restoran Novyanti,Keningau (En.Suharto)-'sponsor' hadiah2.
2.Pengerusi JKDB Tuarid Taud Atas

Terima kasih semua..jumpa lagi di tournament dart yg akan datang.

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